Release notes

Get the all the information about Blueshield releases.

Blueshield 3.0 - 2017 June 04

  1. Fixed a minor bug in "Users" controller.
  2. Added default timezone configuration in index.php file.
  3. Did some core improvements.

If you are gonna update Blueshield v2.2 from v3.0. then simply replace old "Users.php" controller file from new "Users.php" controller file. Thats all you need to do.

Blueshield 2.2 - 2016 December 21

  1. Added both utf8 and utf8mb4 charset compatible database versions into the Blueshield package.
  2. Well commented database.php configuration file to give better information about how to configure database charset and collation related to their MySQL version.
  3. Improved searching large block of text by removing newline and tab characters before comparison.
  4. Improved pagination meta info by adding auto range detection for pages.
  5. Did very little User interface changes to make Blueshield even more sleak.
  6. Documentation updated.

Blueshield 2.1 - 2016 December 8

  1. Added full support for keyboard only navigation (Tab key navigation) to improve accessibility.
  2. Restructured some HTML views.
  3. Added all optional language files to each language directory.
  4. Database collate configuration option is now optional. so you don't have to set it in config.php file.
  5. For normalize font weight for "h" tags, Blueshield now using "font-weight: 700" instead of "500". we believe "font-weight: 400" is too thin for "h" tags.
  6. Added few pure css animation effects into the Blushield interface in order to give smooth experience to the end user.
  7. Documentation updated.

There is no any database changes. so you can simply replace all the Blushield version 2.0 files from Blueshield version 2.1 files. but you need to reconfigure updated blueshield system as you did in Blueshield version 2.0.

Blueshield 2.0 (Initial release) - 2016 December 6

Blueshield initial release.