Authentication & registration

User signin

Users and administrators can signin/login to the Blueshield by simply typing http://[root]/user/signin/, http://[root]/signin/ or http://[root]/login/ URL on your web browser address bar and hitting the enter key on your keyboard. then Blueshield should display a signin/login form like in bellow image.

signin view

Then users can type their registered email address and password and hit the signin button. if email address and password combination correct, user will be able to signed into their Blueshield account.

If user email address and password combination is incorrect. Blueshield will throw a error like in bellow image and user wont be able to signed into their account.

wrong signin credencials view

Remember me

Blueshield comes with Remember me feature. this feature can be access on user signin/login form.

remember me feature

When user check the Remember me checkbox at the Blueshield signin form, user's signin/login will be remembered for up to 30 days, even after user close web browser. The next time user open the same browser within 30 days, user will be automatically signed/logged in.

In order for Remember me to function, you should not click the logout button in the Blueshield application, but simply close your browser after you have finished.

However, to protect the security of your account information, including email, name, address, phone, etc., Blueshield encourages users to signout/logout at the end of each session, and not use the Remember me feature!

Forgot your password

If user forgot his/her password, user will be able to reset it from Password reset form. which can be access by simply clicking on Forgot your password? link on the user signin/login form.

forgot your password feature

If user is not signedin, password reset form will be looks like this.

not signedin password reset form

If user is signedin, user's primary email address will be automatically selects by the Blueshield. and password reset form will be looks like this.

signedin password reset form

If user is not signedin then user can simply type his/her email address that associated with his/her account and hit Continue button. if that email address associated with an user account, then Blueshield will be send a email with a password reset link to that email address. that link will only be valid for a predefined period of time, which is defined by the system administrator. and if user email address not in associated with an Blueshield account, then password reset form will be throw an error.

After received that password reset email, users can click the password reset link in that email. if password reset link is not expired, then password reset form will be displayed and allows users to set their new password.

create new password

User signup

Blueshield administrators can add/register new users by themselves. or allow users to signup/register by themselves. user signup feature is completely optional and can be disabled from Blueshield's App settings.

If user signup feature is enabled, Users will be able to access the signup form and create a new account by filling user signup form and hit signup button. user signin form also has a link to user signup form called Sign up now.

user signup form

Users will be able to signedin/login right after successful registration. if email confirmation switched on in Blueshield's App settings, email confirmation alert will display with a link to confirmation email resend option. and user status also automatically change to confirmed from user status unconfirmed. if email confirmation switched off, then that kind of alert will not gonna display. also administrators have to manually change registered user's user status from unconfirmed to confirmed.