Session management

Blueshield administrators can easily view all user sessions with lot of usefull information about user sessions. i.e: ip address, user agent, first active timestamp, last active timestamp, etc... also both administrators and users can view active sessions but normal users only can view their active and expired sessions only.

View sessions

Administrators can view all user session and active user sessions by clicking on All user sessions menu item and All active user sessions menu item under Users menu on main navigation bar. normal users can view their expired and active sessions by simply clicking on their small profile thumbnail on top right corner of Blueshield's main navigation bar.

For administrators

session view access for admins view

For users

session view access for users view

Active sessions

Administrators can see all current active user sessions. both administrators and users can see their active sessions as well.

On active sessions view, there is a button called invalidate session available to both administrators and users to invalidate active sessions.

active user sessions view

Invalidate sessions

Administrators can invalidate any user session. while normal users can can only invalidate their active sessions only.

invalidate sessions view